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August 5th, 2020

Hunt Military Communities Supporting U.S. Military Leadership in Energy Conservation

Hunt Military Communities Supporting U.S. Military Leadership in Energy Conservation

EL PASO, Texas (August 5, 2020) - Hunt Military Communities (HMC), the largest U.S. military housing owner, today announced that they have generated over 116,000 MWh of solar energy, in support of the sustainability goals of the U.S. Military.

HMC, the largest owner of privatized military housing in the United States, owns approximately 52,000 homes spread across more than 40 military installations on Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps bases. The installation of solar panels in Hunt communities across the country has been a pillar of the company’s efforts, for which it was recognized with Duke Energy’s long-standing Power Partner award for 2019.

Turning to Solar at Hunt Military Communities

Since December 2012, HMC’s solar photovoltaic (P.V.) installations have produced enough clean renewable energy to avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equivalent to those produced by an average passenger vehicle driving over 203 million miles. HMC has deployed solar energy systems at Ohana Military Communities for the Navy and the Marines in its housing areas on the island of Oahu in Hawaii; and in its Air Force housing at Shaw AFB in Sumpter, SC; Hanscom AFB in M.A.; and Dover AFB in Dover, DE. HMC also has several solar energy systems in various stages of development at several other communities, including MCB Camp Pendleton, Buckley AFB, Scott AFB and Naval Station Great Lakes.

“We provide homes for our service personnel at forty military bases across the country. Supporting the energy efficiency efforts of all military branches by deploying renewable energy and, taking steps to measurably reduce energy consumption, are important goals for us, and for our community members,” said John Ehle, President of Hunt Military Communities. “We work hand-in-hand with our partners at the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps to provide optimal housing that meets the needs of both residents and the environment.”

Helping Families Reduce Energy Usage

HMC homes across the country have been outfitted with advanced energy technologies, including smart home devices, LED lighting, low-flow water fixtures, building energy management systems, and leak detection devices. HMC’s efforts support national military energy conservation goals to help maintain U.S. mission readiness, lessen the effects of climate change, and decrease the military’s dependence on foreign oil.

“Many of the families in HMC’s communities have actively partnered with us to reduce their energy usage and environmental footprint. HMC families are key to our success in making our operations and communities sustainable. Every dollar saved through our energy efficiency efforts is another dollar that can go into capital improvements and other home and community upgrades,” said Julie Strickland, Vice President of Asset Management at Hunt Military Communities. “We are proud of our energy efficiency achievements, and we’re looking forward to expanding our initiatives in the future.”

HMC offers its residents tools and educational programs that help them to understand what impacts energy consumption and costs, and how to proactively reduce energy usage. These tools include HMC’s home energy assessment program, which provides voluntary home energy assessments to help residents understand the energy load carried by their home. HMC also provides informational resources to residents on its website, including advice on how to conserve energy during the holidays, how to conserve water indoors, and much more.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality living experience for our military families,” said Karen Plesh, Vice President of Operations at Hunt Military Communities. “We strive to provide all of our residents with the resources they need to better understand how to reduce their own energy usage. Whether it is by encouraging residents to unplug electronics that are not in use, or offering to drop off replacement air filters, we are happy to help. By working hand in hand, we can help the environment and our residents by being more conscious of energy use.”

About Hunt Military Communities

Hunt Military Communities, the largest military housing owner, offers unsurpassed quality and service to more than 165,000 residents in approximately 52,000 homes on Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army installations across the USA. We do this through our core values: safety, kindness, efficiency, enthusiasm, and selflessness and our 5-Star Service commitment. With a 50-year legacy and a partnership with the Department of Defense, HMC strives to ensure the integrity of our military communities and the families who live there.


For more information, visit www.huntmilitarycommunities.com.