our House & Neighborhood

Your House and Neighborhood

The blueprints for the DeLuz Family Housing community mark a new approach to military housing. Our community breaks away from the simple housing tracts of the past and embraces the modern lifestyles of family living. Overall, the design promotes a quality home with added conveniences for peace of mind. The community offers a variety of common spaces with great views and natural landscape surroundings. One of the focuses and successes of the community layout is for the 5-minute (or less) walk from the homes to the majority of amenities (parks, tot lots, sport courts). DeLuz Family Housing emphasizes family living and a pedestrian experience.

The plan features two, three, and four bedroom single-family homes and detached duplexes and quadplexes. All homes include garages, front yards and backyards. The design for this project subdivides the housing area into three neighborhoods described below.

Please choose from the neighborhoods listed below to get a feel for not only the individual homes but distinct communities as a whole.

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